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Forex Trading Coaches

October 12, 2010 by

Forex Trading Coaches: Hope fully you now understand a bit about what to look for from a Forex training course. Without further ado, I will start off with my number one Forex training course recommendation for you. Forex Trading Coaches is a brilliant resource which will help you learn a proven, evolved and tested system, which has been used by thousands of traders for years.

What Do Forex Trading Coaches Offer?

I’ve been day trading with these guys for a long time. The team fromĀ Forex Trading Coaches (FTC) have a live trading webinar that is open 60+ hours a month – and they have now started to add “trade calls” to their services.

FTC concentrate on the New York session, making it highly suitable for Europeans and traders in North America to trade. The New York session is a great time to trade as there is a lot of volatility in the overlap between the London and New York sessions. There are loads of setups and therefore opportunities to make money.

The “MACD3″, is the day trading method used by Forex Trading Coaches – and they have recently started to call the trades as signals within the trading “room”. This means that you get an alert when the trades occur and you just copy them into your account.

Clearly, these guys are severely putting their system to the test here – there is no way that anyone can make false claims or fudge results in that situation. But the system continues to work and this is becoming a really popular way of trading: just 3 hours work a day and you have made your money.

The system looks to give 1-5 trades every morning, averaging around 50 pips profit per day. Accuracy is amazing – over 75% – and stop losses are small, meaning your lot sizes are big enough to get excited about.

Why Do I Recommend Forex Trading Coaches?

What I like about this is that you are learning a quality trading method and earning at the same time.

I also like the fact that this system can work in conjunction with longer term trading styles like the Forex Mentor Pro offered by Marc Walton.

Ultimately though, I recommend this service because it works – and you can make a lot of money in a week trading this way. Also, it’s very focused – you aren’t trading 12 hours a day so can do a bit of “work” before going off and enjoying the rest of your day. It’s the trading life I always dreamt of and yes, I really do this full time, which is why I am so enthusiastic about it.

How can I Join Forex Trading Coaches?

Just click the image below. Forex Trading Coaches normally have a special – like a 5 day trial for $5, so you can try it for almost no risk – and you could be on your way to being a successful trader much faster than you ever dreamed – and for a lot less money than you thought possible!

Forex Trading Coaches

Forex Trading Coaches

I really hope you enjoy your Forex business with Forex Trading Coaches.


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