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Free Forex Training

October 12, 2010 by

We pride ourselves on the quality of the free Forex training we offer at Forex FX Trader. I’m going to explain what we do and how it can help you learn to trade – for nothing.

Free Forex Training – Weekly Forex Analysis

Every week, we add FREE Forex analysis to our Blog, and also to YouTube. This analysis can make you a lot of money – and can also keep you out of the market when it isn’t really safe to trade. We give you all the big economic news announcements and also remind you about public holidays that could mean unwanted volatility or a lack of liquidity.

On the Blog, we also give you a detailed written analysis of the video analysis, making it easy to implement what you have learned.

Free Forex Training eBook

How To Trade Forex - Free Forex Training eBook

How To Trade Forex - Free Forex Training eBook

“How to Trade Forex” is a free Forex eBook that has helped thousands of trader get started in trading. This will give you an overview of everything you need to know if you want to make it as a professional Forex trader.

This 67 page eBook, full of original content – and with no fluff or padding. It covers everything from daily routine, technical/fundamental analysis, support and resistance, Fibonacci, news trading and more. This will give you all the background you need in one handy place.

Free Forex Training Forum

Finally, our Forum is a great place to read product reviews, chat and get feedback from other Forex traders.

Many of the traders are successful, experienced and can give you the information you need to succeed.

You can visit the Forum from this link: Forex Forum

One Site for All Your Free Forex Training Needs

#1 Free Forex Training Site

#1 Free Forex Training Site

We put Forex FX Trader together to help fellow traders succeed in this game which so many lose at, and have a fantastic track record of producing professional traders. We look forward to seeing you on the site.

Thanks for allowing me to tell you about our free Forex training.


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